imagesAbout Quizmaker

Quizmaker is a multipurpose quiz building tool. Packed with a simple user interface it allows an easy creation of children-friendly multiple choice questions while the answers are represented by images.

Apart from the varied editing tools, Quizmaker includes a Quick Access function for children, allowing them to use Quizmaker on their own without the risk of changing or deleting any of the quizzes. The main editing functions are accessible by pressing the buttons for multiple seconds. This prevents children from accidentally accessing the edit functions.

When playing a quiz, the user is rewarded with simple but entertaining animations (optionally, e.g. Wizard, Forklifter, Helicopter..). Additionally parents are able to record personal feedback for their children. Motivating them to try again, if they guessed the wrong answer and approving their effort when they got the right answer.

Last but not least Quizmaker comes with the functionality to share the content you created via e-mail and to import from any source available to your iPad.

Please notice, that this is a very early release of Quizmaker, and I aim for implementing further features in the future.
If you hit upon a bug or other software problems, please feel free to report it to 
For general feedback, ideas or wishes you can e-mail

With kind permission of Annette Kitzinger, the Quizmaker user interface as well as the provided example quizzes use images of the METACOM symbol system ( in many places.